Angelique Chan

HSSR/HSDL - Staff Profile
Associate Professor

Angelique Chan, Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Professor at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, National University of Singapore, has led several major projects on aging in Singapore over the past 15 years. This work has included large scale national surveys which have informed policy research and public policy making. She is also the Director of the Tsao Foundation Research Initiative on Aging and is responsible for developing and nurturing projects related to core research areas of Aging.

Angelique has collaborated extensively with researchers in Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the United States. Her research has focused on health, living arrangements, economic security and the intergenerational transfers of older adults in Asia. She is currently Principal Investigator of the Social Isolation, Health, & Lifestyles Survey of 5,000 older community dwelling Singaporeans which collects information on socio-demographic indicators and health.

She is also a Steering Committee Member of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Health Cluster, member of the NUS-IRB, Board member, Temasek Polytechnic School for Humanities and the Social Sciences and board member for the journal Asian Population Studies.

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